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New to OneAlabama? We’ll help you quickly and easily apply for and manage your Family Assistance & JOBS Program benefits.

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  • Submit an Application, Document, or Change Report plus-icon minus-icon

    Visit OneAlabama at to submit an application, document, or Change Report. Click on the appropriate icon to get started, enter the required information, and submit.
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  • Application Confirmation by Email plus-icon minus-icon

    After every submission, an emailed receipt will be sent that contains all the information
 entered for online (the social security number and date of birth will be masked for security). In your OneAlabama
 profile, you can view a history of your s...
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  • Submission Status plus-icon minus-icon

When you submit an application, document, or change report, you will see a record of this on
 your OneAlabama dashboard. Immediately upon submitting, you will see a blue box that indicates the submission type, the date submitted (this will be the...
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