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New to OneAlabama? We’ll help you quickly and easily apply for and manage your Family Assistance & JOBS Program benefits.

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  • What can I do with OneAlabama? plus-icon minus-icon

    OneAlabama helps citizens quickly and easily apply for and manage Family Assistance & JOBS Program benefits.   Family Assistance The Head of Household can apply for Family Assistance, submit supporting documents, and
 submit Change Reports in OneA...
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  • What is Family Assistance? plus-icon minus-icon

    This program provides a time limited cash payment to low income families with children. To get this payment, you must cooperate with child support and work program activities. These activities will help you better support your family.
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  • What is the JOBS Program? plus-icon minus-icon

    This is a work and training program for low-income families who have children and are receiving cash payments. Families who are a part of this program can get help with child care, transportation, and many other services they may need.
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  • Will I know if my Application is accepted on the app? plus-icon minus-icon

    A caseworker will contact you to continue your application process after you submit the 
initial documentation and will work with you on the next steps.
 Application acceptance status is not available in the application. 
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  • Why do I have to enter my Social Security Number and personal
 information in the application? plus-icon minus-icon

    Your name, date of birth, social security number, home address, and e-signature are required
on all online applications. This information is encrypted and securely transmitted to the State of
Alabama Department of Human Resources. If you are uncom...
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  • What will I be able to see in the future on the app? plus-icon minus-icon

In the future, we hope to display your cash assistance amount, help you submit documentation
for redetermination, display your appointments with caseworkers, provide more detail about
your submission statuses, and provide a way for you to securel...
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